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You can find two search engines here allowing you to view the as-yet processed registry books of the former security services which were used as an information system for operative files and also the personnel registries of servicemen and other employees of these services in 1948–1989.

Search in Operative File Registries

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NOTE: The search engines provide only basic information about the relevant persons, i.e. their name, surname and date of birth, if available, which do not fully identify the specific person. Other facts, if contained in these records, are anonymised. This means that even a full match of this basic data with an existing person may not necessarily imply that it is the specific person whose data was retrieved by the search engine. The Archive cannot be held responsible for such cases.

Legal note: Categories designated as D, KTS, KA and KI are not classified as “conscientious informers” in the sense of Act 451/1991 Coll. following a verdict issued by the Constitutional Court (Pl US 1/92).

Search in Personnel Registries of Servicemen and Employees

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